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SANSAR will be the featured social virtual reality platform at Infinite Realities. The platform enables user-created 3D spaces where people can create and share interactive social experiences such as playing games, watching videos, and having conversations in VR.   Each participant is represented by a detailed avatar that is the graphical representation of the user including speech-driven facial animations and motion-driven body animations.

We will utilize Oculus Rift virtual reality goggles and Oculus Touch controllers for users to experience various virtual reality platforms. Oculaus will enable gallery attendees to experience our program for Earthly and Out of this World Viewings such as Northern Lights, eclipses, rocket launches, the solar system, underwater explorations and mountain climbing.


Infinite Realities - An exhibit and salon to explore how we all may be in different places yet share much of the same life experiences. Visual, virtual reality and 3D Exhibits will juxtapose different lives and bring people together through conversations and life explorations.   In the digital world the rules are different.  Objects can be conjured into being by simply describing them. Travel between destinations takes place in the blink of an eye.  VR allows people to seclude themselves from the real world for a while, and apps allow users to enter a more soothing environment:

  • Elevated Perceptions Exhibit and Salons - Creativity with music, art, philosophy world politics.
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder therapy sessions for veterans.
  • Sports Nights - Court side viewing and up-close field views.
  • Oscar movie watch parties and private screenings.
  • Private dinner parties with a chef and custom guided VR adventures.
  • Tilt Brush by Google will be a creative platform hosted at the Gallery. It lets aspiring artists paint anywhere inside a 3-D space using a range of brushes, including some that simulate snowflakes, fire, and rainbows and transform masterpieces into ebbing, flowing, three-dimensional music visualizers bouncing to favorite beats.

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visual art, virtual reality and 3d

consumer and community education

The synergy between virtual reality and cannabis is great as each enhances the effects of the other, leading to surreal experiences, unmatched educating capacity and exponential healing possibilities.  Our consumer product education program will feature live streamed salons and virtual reality experiences in our Infinite Realities Gallery.  It will provide a space for engaging and interactive educational experiences  not for industry and social equity training but for a plethora of topics for our community:

  • TheBlu, a virtual reality platform hosted by the National History Museum of Los Angeles County which takes viewers on a dive into the depths of the virtual ocean. 
  • Resilient Communities Mapping in VR - Designed to help communities plan, reimagine and preserve their buildings and spaces.

community meets art meets technology

The story of a legendary plant is told and its powers unleashed through our truly innovative Infinite Realities Gallery, a Tapas Café, Art Gallery and Virtual Reality exhibits.  Our Infinite Realities Gallery will explore elements of social consciousness, critical to our work as we provide a space for creativity and art to flourish. ​  Virtual reality is an emerging technology with a path similar to the one cannabis must travel, as both will mature and have great and positive impact on our society.  Just about any process that can be carried out in the physical world - customer service, marketing, entertainment, education, training - can be simulated in VR.