concierge counter

Muthatree will be a place of discovery and a launching pad for introducing our legacy and social equity brands.  Its visually captivating and engaging atmosphere will invite our consumers to experience cannabis immersively and stigma-free.

Our staff will be trained on all Muthatree products and in health and wellness to help guide patients to make the best decisions for their health.

entrance to consumption 

Our dedicated Cannabis Concierge team will engage consumers to develop a deep understanding of what type of products they need and desire, and will interrelate our consumers with our programs and activities within our Salon and Gallery and other experiences in within the community.

floating & digital displays


To rebrand and weave cannabis into the fabric of the mainstream, a new and innovative standard must be set.  It begins with changing the way cannabis is dispensed - from intimidating, closed off and unsafe dispensaries to inviting, transparent, safe and educational places of discovery.  Our business model is centered on offering retail as an engaging experience and a service featuring high-quality and 100% natural product offerings with premier focus on developing and maintaining consumer loyalty.  Our community driven inspired design will offer a safe, welcoming, easy to navigate, tailored and nurturing retail experience.  


Interactive digital screens providing user-friendly browsing through inventory, placing orders, product details, suggestions for the type of consumer (beginner, intermediate and advanced), consumption method, side-by-side comparison of products, and user information.  

Express line for pre-orders and medical patients on the run or looking to experience the Muthatree campus.  Consumers will be able to place their orders on our website, and a text message or email will be sent to them once their order is ready.

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Muthatree retail concept