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A chic resort feel with vertical and hanging gardens, echoing beauty and integrating function, sets the stage for live performances and socializing to symbiotically occur along one another; in a one-of-a-kind Cultural Arts Consumption Salon

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Cannabis of los angeles

Like the mother tree, our ethos is to reach out and help communities thrive, serve as a stalwart on the horizon of change and to be there to support our own.  It is said that mother trees recognize their kin and send messages of wisdom to help them grow and survive. They even reduce their own root competition to help others thrive.  Our Muthatree will lay down its roots and reach far into each community it enters as a committed partner to embark upon the future.

Our Muthatree retail campus is designed as a dedication to those seeking the highest quality cannabis products and the purest of lifestyle indulgence.  It is a multidimensional place to explore cannabis-inspired exhibits and experiences of narrative, visual and creative art and an open space for interconnective engagement of our souls, thoughts and intellectual discoveries. It will emerge as a co-branded experiential partner with icons, iconic brands and social equity entrepreneurs symbiotically welcoming the adventurous, curious, socially conscious and seekers of well-being.

medical use retail

Muthatree will provide an unparalleled continuum of care service model for medical patients as an integrated service with our adult-use retail operation.

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In partnership with deliverLA, our delivery service will be focused on providing in-home access to quality medicine and adventurous adult-use and culinary experiences as an integrated and quintessential element of our first-class adult-use and medicinal-use service model.

Adult Use Retail

Its art gallery meets high end jewelry store inspired design will offer a safe, a welcoming, easy to navigate, tailored and nurturing retail experience featuring:

incubator campus
think & grow lab
Retail Campus Concept


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